Further education

SVEREV provides our associated firms with further education tailored for their specific needs.

We employ professional speakers and have senior representatives from FARSRS present at all of our lectures.

Our associated firms are following training plans issued by IREV.

We also provide lectures that are customized for the customers of accountancy firms. If you’re interested in our lectures, please contact one of our associated firms.

Current lectures

  • Seminar on specific matters concerning accounting and auditing.
    Location: Stockholm. Date: January.
  • Further education for firms associated to SVEREV.
    Location: Hook. Date: May.
  • Conference on current matters concerning accounting and auditing.
    Location: Växjö. Date: August.

Apply for membership

Being a member of SVEREV gives you access to a business network consisting of Swedish accountancy firms. We’re helping our members to progress by sharing common experiences, organizing joint efforts in terms of further education, and by our systematic set-up for assuring quality.