SVEREV is a cooperative association for small to medium sized independent accounting and auditing firms!

Our belief is that the local independent accountancy firm is a prerequisite for a well-executed job. Our core values are intimacy, commitment, responsibility and high quality. We cooperate in order to be competitive against the larger players, as well as to ensure a high level of quality in relation to regulations and standards for quality, for example REKO and ISA. We ensure that all of our members will benefit from the progress we try to achieve.

Educational costs make up large parts of the budget at many accounting firms. By cooperating in terms of further education we maximize the educational benefits while keeping the costs at an affordable level.

We utilize our in-house knowledge by making use of our cumulated know-how through collegial cooperation.

"You’re strong on your own, but we’re stronger together”

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Being a member of SVEREV gives you access to a business network consisting of Swedish accountancy firms. We’re helping our members to progress by sharing common experiences, organizing joint efforts in terms of further education, and by our systematic set-up for assuring quality.roll.

Assuring quality

SVEREV – For approved quality

SVEREV is working hard to set new standards in terms of quality, for our associated firms as well as for the SVEREV-group as a whole. We have an ongoing process in which we are actively working to improve the efficiency of our workflow. We perform regular check ups to ensure that each associated agency reach the established standards of SVEREV. Our standards are designed to comply with the requirements set by Standard för revision i Sverige (RS), Standard för redovisningskonsulter (REKO), FARSRS as well as current legal requirements.

DFK International also performs their own screenings in order to ensure that the quality is in accordance with international standards. Ensuring the quality of our international contacts is as important as ensuring the quality of our affiliated agencies in Sweden.

As a SVEREV customer you can always rely on us to perform in an efficient and effective manner.